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Round 2 with Illustrations:Turkey and Armenia Leads, India Demolishes Russia

picture_010In the second round of the World U-16 Olympiad, Turkey-A defeated Switzerland with 3.5-0.5 while Armenia won in the same way against Greece. Armenia and Turkey are going to face each other in the third round. Philippines and Georgia both won against Slovakia and England respectively with a 3-1 score to share the third place. The meeting of the top seeds ended as an extraordinary triumph for India with 3.5-0.5 victory over Russia.

Detailed report below.

Philippines won comfortably against Slovakia with 3-1 win thanks to the individual wins of So and Garcia against Petenyi and Straka. On the second board, Turkey won comfortably against Switzerland with 3.5-0.5 with the only draw on the first board, where Kambez was close to victory with a healthy pawn up but FM Yılmaz exploited his opponent's inaccurate play and was able to squeeze some strong counter play. However, after the heavy zeitnot for both sides the game ended as a draw.


Georgia was another top seed who won against England with 3-1, with the first and third board victories by Bregadze and Davarashvili against Zhou and Yonojosa. Armenia defeated Greece with 3.5-0.5 but the only upset was by Sotirios Malikentzos against FM Ter-Sahakyan one of the hefty rated players in the event.


The meeting of the chess super powers ended as marvellous victory for the Indian team thanks to the victories of IM Adhiban,IM Shyam and Prasanna against IM Shimanov, WFM Repina and Iljiushenok with the only drew conceded to WFM Bodnaruk by IM Sethuraman.

The final of the IM Adhiban's victory against IM Shimanov is as follows:


Adhiban played 15.Ng5! during the irresistible

attack of white here, 15...Bg5 16.hg5 Ng5 17.Qh3 Kh7 18.g6! Kg8 19.Bh6 fg6 20.Bg7 Qa5 21.Kd1 1-0

Azerbaijan won against Sri Lanka with 3-1. IM Durarbeyli and Mammadov won against Kvinda and Kottahachchy arecpectively.


Fourth board of Bosnia i Hercegovina Sara Jacimovic

First board of England Yang-Fan Zhou


Third board of England Felix Jose Ynojosa

Fourth board of India FM Rao Prasanna

  Narmin Kazımova (Azerbaijan)

 Turkish Chess Federation 2008