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Round 3 :Armenia Takes Lead After Grounding Down Turkey-A, India Outscores Azerbaijan
Armenia defeated Turkey-A with a 3-1 win to take the lead with 10.5 points followed by India at 9.5 points. India defeated Azerbaijan with 3-1 after their win over Russia. Philippines and Georgia drew and shared 3-4.places with 9. Turkey follows them at 8.5 points.

Detailed report below...

Third round was the first of the two miserable rounds of the day for the strongest Turkish team which was leading the field together with Armenia. The home side went down 3-1 to the Armenia. On the first board, the game between FM Yılmaz and FM Ter-Sahakyan looked equal until the strongest Turkish player under 16 years old blundered a decisive pawn. Burak Fırat was the only player to win for the Turkish side after Mert Yılmazyerli risked too much against Vardanian. Oğulcan Kanmazalp employed the Armenian Variation in French Winawer which was popularized by the Armenian grandmasters Lputian and Vaganian but that was not the reason for the loss but blundering a piece in winning position instead.

Philippines and Georgia drew. So showed superior endgame technique against Bregadze who was intending to tackle the Filipino grandmaster. Haridas and Datu drew against Janiashvili and Davarashvili respectively but Nikolashvili won against Garcia to equalize the aggregate score.



India won another crucial game after Russia, this time against Azerbaijan with 3-1. The only loss of India was on the first board where GM Safarli played 32.Ne4 against the Indian IM Adhiban and Adhiban had to play 32...Nf5 33.Nc5 Ne3 34.Nd7 Bd7 35.fe3 Rf1 36.Kf1 Re3 to achieve a draw. IMs Sethuraman and Shyam won against IM Durarbeyli and Mammadov respectively while FM Prasanna won against Kazımova who is another transfer from World Junior field to Mersin as her teammates Eltaj Safarli and Vasif Durarbeyli.


Slovakia and England drew by wins scored by Zhou and Sen for England, Mazur and Straka for Slovakia.

The meeting of Swiss teams, Switzerland-A and Switzerland-B ended as a narrow win for the A team thanks to the individual victories of Rosenthal and Gaehwiler.

Russia, tried to cure its wounds from the heavy loss in the previous round against India with a 3.5-0.5 victory against Greece with the only draw condeded by WFM Repina against Rigopoulos-Tsigkos.


Turkey-B won narrowly against Sri Lanka while the C team which is younger won 3-1 against Bosnia Herzegovina. Turkey Girls-B went down to South Africa A by 3-1. The meeting o the Turkish teams, Turkey Girls-A and Turkey-Mersin ended as a draw. Australia won 2.5-1.5 against Syria while on the last board İSEM (İstanbul Chess Training Centre), the only club in the Olympiad this year also having a Turkish İş Bank Chess League team named İSEK Aquamatch with the mixture of GMs Atalık, Banikas and Papaiannou and IM Atalık with the youngsters from the chess club. You can view their website here .


Kenya vs. Albania


Türkiye Girls-B

Tamas Petenyi (Slovakia)

Akhila Kavinda (Sri Lanka)

Jan Emmanuel Garcia (Philippines)

WFM Varvara Repina (Russia)

Türkiye-C marching towards the tournament hall


Cansu Söylemez and Emel Kaya from Turkey Girls-A and B


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 Turkish Chess Federation 2008