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India Grounded Down By Surprise Leaders Armenia, Philipinnes' Devastating Blow To Turkey

picture_016In the fourth round of the World Under-16 Olympiad Armenia grounded down India after Turkey-A with 3-1 to take the lead with 13.5 points. Philippines knocked out Turkey-A with 3.5-0.5 the only draw conceded on the fourth board meaning that Philippines is following Armenia with 12.5 points. Russia won 3-1 against Georgia while Azerbaijan defeated England with the same score. Slovakia, looked for a win against Switzerland-A to come back to the top boards, which they managed to after another 3-1 win. After the fourth round, Armenia is followed by Philippines but here is a three-way tie at the third place between India, Russia and Turkey-C which defeated Turkey-B with a perfect 4-0 win.

Detailed report below.


Armenia continued its winning streak with a 3-1 over India thanks to the victories of Ter-Sahakyan, Vardanian and Tamazyan against Adhiban, Shyam and Prasanna.


Black's simple and strong threat is outplayed by Sethuraman against Baghdasaryan by 30.d6 Be6 31.Qe6 Re6 32.Rde1 Kf7 33.g4 Rd8 34.Be6 and went on to win with the extra material.


Philippines delivered an important blow to Turkey-A with a 3.5-0.5 win thanks to the victories of Wesley So, Pascua Haridas and Emmanuel Garcia against Mustafa Yılmaz,  Burak Fırat and Irmak Sipahioğlu.


Russia won against Georgia 3-1 with the wins on the first three boards by Shimanov, Yaksin and Repina against Bregadze, Janiashvili, Davarashvili. The only win by Georgia came by Nikolashvili. Shimanov and Bregadze was almost making draw but Bregadze made a dramatic blunder in the position where black had an opportunity of giving perpetual check.


Despite the exciting game and tackle by Zhou against one of the two grandmasters of the Olympiad, Safarli in the match between Azerbaijan and England, Azerbaijan won 3-1 against England with the other draw on the second board between Kilpatrick and Durarbeyli.


Slovakia defeated Switzerland-A with a 3-1 win with the victories on first, second and fourth board by Petenyi, Mazur and Straka. Turkey-B was defeated by Turkey-C with a perfect 4-0 win. Turkey-C is consisting of the kid stars of Turkish chess aged betweeen 12 and 14 while B teams is generally consisting of Under-16 players. South Africa-A lost to Sri Lanka with 4-0 while Greece defeated Switzerland-B with 2.5-1.5.



Bosnia and Herzegovina defeated Turkey Girls-A with 3-1 after Jefic, Kadric and Jacimovic won against Kaya, Tulay and Şaşmazel.

Turkey-Mersin won 3-1 against Australia while Turkey Girls-B drew with İSEM.

South Africa-B won against Albania 3.5-0.5 while Syrica scored a 3-1 against Kenya.

B Adhiban (India)

Dimitrios Balokas (Greece)



Bedia Helen Karanlık (Türkiye Girls-B)

FIDE Master Levan Bregadze (Georgia)

Vasif Durarbeyli (Azerbaijan)
One of the two grandmasters in the Olympiad ,Eltaj Saferli (Azerbaycan)

Greek team, consisting of Halkida Chess Academy players together with the troubled trainer of the Turkish team due to the results, GM Efstratios Grivas

 Turkish Chess Federation 2008