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Round 5: Armenia Holds Philippine to A Draw and Continues the Sole Lead
Armenia defended its lead after drawing against Philippines while India defeated Turkey-C 3-1. The only loss of India was delivered by Cankut Emiroğlu against IM Adhiban. Russia defeated Slovakia with a 3-1 score while Azerbaijan and Georgia drew.  Turiey-A won against Sri Lanka with only one draw conceded.

Armenia is leading the field with 15.5 points followed by Philippines with a point gap.India and Russia are sharing the third place with 13.5 while Turkey-A has 12.5 points but just in front of Georgia and Azerbaijan with 12 points.

Full report below.

Armenia and Philippines drew as FM Ter-Sahakyan and GM So on the first board and Baghdasarayan with Haridasas on the second, while Vardanian won on the part of Armenia while Garcia on the part of Philippines to level the match.


The second-seeded Indians won 3-1 against Turkey-C, but the only upset in this game coming from Emiroğlu in a lost position against IM Adhiban after the youngster from İzmir had found chances to queen his pawns despite he was a piece down in the ending.


Russia won comfortably by 3-1 against Slovakia, the only loss on the third board. The first three boards, IM Shimanov, Yaksin and WFM Bodnaruk won.

Azerbaijan and Georgia drew with each other with the victories on the first two boards scored by Azerbaijan while Georgia emerged as the victorious side in the last two boards.


The disappointed Turkey-A after two disheartening losses against Armenia and Philippines scored a hefty 3.5-0.5 win against India.


Switzerland-A won comfortably against Bosnia Herzegovina with 3.5-0.5 the only draw conded on the first board.  England defeated the Swiss B team with the same score .

Turkey-Mersin, won narrowly against Greece represented by Khalkida Chess Academy by 2.5-1.5 thanks to the wins of Sarp Uzun and Diyap Büyükaşık who lives in the nearyby city  of Mersin, Hatay.  Syria won 3.5-0.5 against South Africa-B while Turkey-B won 4-0 against Turkey Girls-B.


İSEK Aquamatch, drew with South Africa while Turkey Girls-A won 4-0 against Albania.

Gani Eren Ererdem

Sayen Naidu (South Africa)

South Africa


Alexandre Grilllon (Switzerland-A)

Adnan Khlefa (Syria)

Özgür Tarım (İSEM)

Sarp Uzun (Turkey-Mersin)

Tamas Petenyi (Slovakia)

 Turkish Chess Federation 2008