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Impressions From the Excursion


You can view the impressions from the excursion where Heaven Hollow and Pit of Hell, Asthym-Wish Cave, Akkum Beach and Kızkalesi fortess and the beach were visited with also an opportunity for visitors to make shopping in Forum Mall in Mersin below.
Pit of Hell:


Pit of hall is located 75 m north of paradise . It also has a mythological importance since the flame-vomiting dragon Typhon was kept for some time in this cave by Zeus.




Heaven Hollow: It is a cave which also has a chapel in front and it is written that a monk called Paulus built up the chapel and devoted to the Virgin Mary. There are frescoes of Jesus and 12 apostes inside. There is a small river in the end of hollow which is assumed to a have a mythological sginficans. It is reached after 455 steps of walking.


Astım-Wish Cave:

At 300 m southwest of paradise . There are many stalactite and stalagmite shapes in the cave and it is believed that the cave is good for the ones who have asthyma. The humidity level is reaching 95% in the winter while it is around 85% in the summer. People who go there and tie cloths around the trees nearby the cave to realize their wishes.

Korkyos Fortresses

The fortress of Korykos was built on previous fortifications by the Armenia kings of Cilicia in the XIIth century. The area was heavily populated in Roman times and there are many archaeological sites in the vicinity of the castle. The castle is at the end of a small picturesque bay.







The fortress of Korykos was complemented by a small fortress built on an islet at the center of the bay. A dam linked the two castles.

picture_150The dam did not survive for long and it was forgotten. A legend clearly inspired by Cleopatra's death explained in a new way the origin of the castle. A maid had been foretold death by a snakebite. Her father built the castle on the waves to protect her, but a snake hidden in a basket of figs sent by an admirer reached the castle and killed the maid. That's why the castle is called Kizkalesi (The maid's castle). In the background of this page a painting showing a basket of figs from Villa Oplontis near Naples in Italy.





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